MyStory Philosophy

Is This MyStory provides a scaffold for young adults to become the author of their own life rather than being a character in someone else’s. We encourage you to enter the World of Expression, step onto the learning path and discover more about how you learn. This is your MyStory Rite. Follow the MyStory journey to improve your critical, emotional and creative literacy skills. These are the powerful tools of expression. As you build your literacy skills, you 4C your future. Become a confident, courageous, creative and compassionate individual who understands where their story fits within a larger library. Become a lifelong learner who is in control of their learning experience.


MyStory HUB

Would you like to improve your critical, emotional and creative literacy skills? Our MyStory Workshops & Interactive Seminars are designed to help you discover your authentic voice and take control of the learning experience. Learn how to use blogging, narrative techniques, focused breathing and creative visualisation to improve your focus, unlock creativity and relieve the stress of examinations and assessments. Discover effective learning tools, attend a ‘MyStory Mind’, ‘MyStudy Musing or ‘Is This MyStory Active Learning Experience'. MyStory workshops and seminars are practical, have real world applications and best of all, you'll have fun while learning.


MyStory; MyQuest

Soon you will be able to experience your own MyStory Quest. We're developing a fully interactive learning platform for smartphones and tablets. The MyQuest series of apps is based on the Is This MyStory learning process. Its pioneering design utilises the features of narrative to link gaming technology, animation, interactive pages, film, music, books, blogging, storytelling and social media. MyQuest will use the technology you love, to help you discover a focused, flexible approach to learning. With MyQuest, teenagers embark upon a journey toward a critically, emotionally and creatively literate future. If you'd like to know more (or to become involved in the development of MyQuest) please contact us.

Latest Blog Post

  • Too Much Screen Time

    Teenagers today spend too much time in front of a screen! Are you nodding your head in agreement or shaking it in despair? Are you slumping your shoulders in helplessness or raising your hands in frustration? Do you think this is a ‘new’ problem caused by mobile media or is it simply a transferral of old habits?


MyQuest Trailer

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